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Lamb & Veal


Quantum Foods distributes a full line of grass-fed Australian and New Zealand Lamb, available fresh seasonally and frozen year round. Special orders for the full line of Grain-fed Colorado Lamb from Superior Farms are also available by request.

  • Frenched Rack sized 10/12oz to 32+

  • BRT Legs and Shoulders (Bonless-rolled-tied)

  • Lamb Legs Bone-in

  • Foreshanks

  • Hindshanks Sized

  • Lamb Osso Bucco

  • Lamb T Bone

  • Boneless Lamb sirloin

  • Boneless Lamb tenderloin

  • Loin Medallions

  • Inside Top Round

  • Lamb Stew Meat

  • Ground Lamb

  • Lamb Bones



Veal produces a soft delicate meat with a sweet mild beef flavor. Thre are several classes and grades of veal where the final product correlates strongly to the diet of the calf. It is important to know the difference since a change in diet for the veal can yield a much different final product.  


Formula Fed Veal-Formula fed holstein calves raised on a diet of milk products, vitamins and minerals. The meat is pale pink in color with a delicate texture and soft grain.


Dairy Milk Fed Veal-Young holstein calves raised and fed at the dairy on whole milk. This is a finely grained, smooth textured veal with a delicate taste.

Natural Grain Fed Veal-An older (-/+ 24 weeks) and more robust flavored veal. These calves are fed a diet of grains with milk replacers. The meat is darker in color and tends to be more economical.

  • Veal Rib Cho 8-bone

  • Veal Shank

  • Veal Top Round

  • Petite Top Round

  • Veal Leg Meat

  • Sliced cutlet (portioned) 

  • Veal Osso Bucco (1st & 2nd Cut)

  • Veal Bones

  • Veal Sweetbreads

  • Veal Liver

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