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Why Quantum Foods? 

You have a choice in selecting a food service partner. How can Quantum Foods add value to your current operation?

New Menu Consulting 

Writing a new menu for a new restaurant or seasonal reset? The knowledgeable staff at Quantum Foods is ready to offer their resources to help develop your menu mix with a food-cost-centric approach. 

Distribution Expertise 

Independent warehousing in both Los Angeles & Honolulu makes Quantum Foods one of the only independent operators with such and extensive product line that can service both markets so efficiently. The total supply chain management guarantees that you're always getting the freshest product to your door. 

Food Cost Protection

With over 50 years of meat and seafood buying experience Quantum Foods is always using their market insight and valued supplier relationships to get the best products at the best possible price. With analytical information on seasonal wild harvest and farming trends, Quantum Foods plays an active roll in its clients success to help maintain consistent food costs throughout the year. 

Reliable Service

Ask Around, Quantum Foods has a proven track record of going above and beyond to deliver on time, in full and with gratitude. Quantum Foods is more than just another vendor, but rather a valued partner with all of its customers.

People with Passion 

Quantum Foods Employs a staff of career long food service professionals that are always at your service. Hard work and a desire to see our customers succeed is the guiding principal behind our work ethic.

Protein Experts

Questions about seasonal availablity? Quantum Foods has daily reports direct from the resource. Looking for guidance on how to store or process your fresh fish? Quantum has a program to share. Looking for a recommendation on how to handle a particular protein? Quantum has a team of corporate chefs ready to assist.

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